Services and repairs
We have a vast range of services to attend to the most diverse needs. We make rectification services, special welding, in aluminum, inox and other metals, execute hydraulic cilinders and hoses, turning, torno, fresa, fixed and portable  mandriladoras. We have a vast experience in the Industrial sector.

· Building and repairing of pneumatic systems.
· Malfunction diagnosis and repair.
· Altering pneumatic systems in order to optimize them

· Assembly and modification of hydraulic systems.
· Hydraulic centrals construction and repairing.
· Hydraulic pumps and engines repairing.
· Healing and preventive pump malfunction diagnosys using computorized measuring techniques and machine history.
· Systems healing, preventive and predictive maintenance.
· Hydraulic Cylinders and hydraulic hoses building.

· Metallic Structures and machinery assembling.
· Parts milling and machining service.
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